Lenovo to bring out Switch Style Laptop

Ahead of CES, Lenovo have released information about their latest venture: the LaVie Mini. With removable side controllers and TV functions, it looks set to be their own Switch wannabe.

Lenovo La Vie
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Of course, Lenovo aren’t mentioning it’s likeness to Nintendo‘s best selling console, but the similarities are striking.

According to the creators themselves: “The LAVIE MINI is an ultraportable pocket-sized Windows PC with an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor. Use it for your everyday computing tasks or play games on the vivid 8″ WUXGA touch display. With the optional docking station, you can mirror the screen on your TV, charge your device, and expand the number of ports. And for added fun, play PC games portably by attaching the optional gaming controller.”

The internet has also been quick to label the laptop a Switch clone. However, the hand-held set up is much closer to that of an Xbox controller. The whole thing will only weigh around twice as much as a Switch too which is pretty impressive.

The LaVie Mini is a joint venture between Lenovo and NEC, the two companies have been in partnership since 2011. Previous works between the two brought us the LaVie Z, an incredibly light laptop with a fairly decent output back in 2015.

The virtual CES begins on Monday the 11th and will run for four days. It will bring together a host of new tech and related products. It will be a distinctly different year to the previous one which has drawn upwards of 182 000 people.( Get the Nintendo Switch – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition -along with other versions- here)

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