Our Team

Ali – A Gamer & Youtuber with his creative team of passionate gamers, searching for gaming’s nirvana.
“I play & like almost all gaming genres & platforms. The community I dream of building here is for every gamer out there & all about inclusivity. Everyone is welcome. If you breathe & you game then you are in, these are our conditions :)”.

Cal – VeryAli Gaming Managing Editor & Chief Writing Mastermind “In addition to my passionate love for writing, reviewing and dissecting games, You’ll often catch me drinking way too many energy drinks and playing Kingdom Hearts for the millionth time while watching Peep Show simultaneously. If you want to hit me up you can at callum@veryaligaming.com”
Alex – Gamer & veryaligaming.com Website Writer “I have loved playing games since playing Pokémon on my little Gameboy advance, now I have a monster PC. my favourite game series of all time is the Mass Effect trilogy, I like competitive games like Overwatch and Valorant and probably spent way too much time on them!”
Martha Gamer & veryaligaming.com Website Writer – “When I’m not watching reruns of Bob’s Burgers, you’ll find me playing RPGs and I’m a huge fan of Santa Monica Studios and Bioware. Fun fact: I cannot play games without the Y-axis inverted.”

Aaron – Gamer & veryaligaming.com Website Writer “Way into God of War and Halo, Aaron is destined to buy both consoles every generation. After years of gaming and doing journalism separately, he found his way to combining both passions for good. Find him @AaronNashar on Instagram and Twitter.”
Felix – Gamer & veryaligaming.com Website Writer “Since getting my first Game Boy at age 11, I have loved playing a variety of games, with an emphasis on single-player adventure and RPG titles. My favorites include Mario and Zelda games (and spinoffs like Mario Kart and Smash Bros.), The Elder Scrolls series, and basically anything by Rockstar.”
Linden – Gamer & veryaligaming.com Website Writer “I’ve been a passionate writer for many years, and particularly enjoy writing reviews and discussing the artistic merit and philosophy of games. My favorite games include Portal, Half-Life 2, Shenmue, Donkey Kong Country, and the Yakuza series.”
Jackson – Gamer & veryaligaming.com Website Writer “I’ve been playing games for about as long as I could smack a keyboard. I’m a sucker for platformers and any game with a story I can dive into. Some of my favorites are Dark Souls, Celeste, and Alan Wake. Catch me streaming on and off at twitch.tv/percivalpancake!”
Melika – Gamer & veryaligaming.com Website Writer “Melika, aka MelikaJ93, is an online content creator and writer, currently working at VeryAli Gaming. An avid gamer, she is a huge fan of many genres, especially platformers, RPGs, and indie games. Her all time favourite game series is Spyro, but there are so many others that could be mentioned. On top of all her other endeavours, Melika streams on Twitch 3 times a week, so check out her channel for a fun gaming experience!”

On Hiatus

Emma – Gamer & veryaligaming.com Website Writer “Video games are my favorite form of media, I’ve been playing games since I was 6 years old, I started off with Red Alert 2 and Starcraft and nowadays I play almost every genre there is, I’m particularly fond of RPGs and hack-&-slash games.”
Casey – Gamer & veryaligaming.com Website Writer – ” I enjoy playing mostly Bethesda single player games like Skyrim and Fallout. When not writing I am mostly found making funny gaming montages on my Youtube channel KC K9 “